Marketplace Ethics

Do you and your colleagues ever wish for timeless ethics principles to use in decision-making? 
That is exactly what Business Ethics for a Global Economy offers—in everyday language, with practical business applications you can use in your life.

This 2 to 6-hour business ethics workshop is ideal for owners, managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, students of business, and others who want to strengthen their character and influence in the area of ethics.  Whatever your job title, you are a leader, an influencer in some area of work and life.

Leadership excellence involves setting standards and influencing “corporate culture” in positive ways. The most effective leaders live an integrated ethics lifestyle, using the same standard of ethics for business as for personal life.




Ethical crisis is widespread today.  Just look at any news report!  As a business or professional person, if your ethics are weak, even small compromises can lead to big consequences in all aspects of organizational life—financial, legal, employee morale, and customer satisfaction, for example. 
And lack of integrity will also bleed over into personal life.

Based on business principles from the Ten Commandments, this ethics workshop offers practical principles for wise decision-making, with examples from life experience.  The format includes presenters, plus small-group and individual work.  Participants complete the workshop with some of their own Code of Ethics already written.

The suggested number of participants is 15 to 50, but is flexible.  Business Ethics is usually offered on a Saturday, but it may also be held on two evenings. Each participant receives a workbook.  Trained presenters for Business Ethics include Tom Tannery and Gary and Susan Bauer of EMC; Rinda Reiss of Romania; Dragica Kisilak, Doctor of Science, of Slovenia , and others.

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"The ethics seminar exceeded our expectations.  Everyone learned a lot, and it was an encouragement…. In the marketplace, it's the time for Europe to find out the real ethical values from the Bible. If we do that, I think we can come out of the ethical crisis." 
--Dragica Kisilak, D.Sc. and Assoc. Professor, Professional Stream, Slovenia

“We are blessed with the seminar teaching, because ethics is very important in daily living…. When people think about ethics, they usually think of somebody else’s ethics, not the ethics from me to other people.” 
--Julijana Velevska, HBM (Christian Business Network), Macedonia

“Their method is very interactive, and they are very effectual communicators due to the personal love and evident respect they show to people of all cultures.” 
--Clay Quarterman, PhD, Mission to the World, Ukraine



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