Business by the Book (Doing Business God's Way)

Gary and Susan Bauer are certified by Crown Financial Ministries’ International Division
to do international training for facilitators of two small-group Crown studies:

Business by the Book,


The Personal Financial Bible Study

They helped train the first small-group facilitators when Crown launched in Romania and
Ukraine, and have also presented a summary of financial principles from the Bible, in Germany.

If there is no Crown Financial Ministries representative in your country/area, Europartners Ministries can help you start sharing God’s financial wisdom, by training the first small-group facilitators and/or connecting you with others who can.



When the Bauers taught “God, Money and You” at Neues Leben Seminar (Bible College) in Germany,
the school administrator required every student to attend the afternoon seminar. That’s how important he felt it was for the students to have this Crown-based foundation of stewardship principles from the Bible. 
One student, newly engaged to be married, even asked how to be a faithful steward of money while she shops for her wedding gown.  She took God’s Word to heart and was eager to apply it in a practical way.


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